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 Sir Thomas Widdrington (Educational) Trust 

Charity No. 505778 

The Thomas Widdrington Trust exists to, ‘Promote the education of persons under the age of 25 years who are resident in the area comprising the Parishes of Stamfordham, Belsay, Capheaton and Matfen or who have a parent or parents so resident or who have attended as a pupil at a school in Stamfordham or Belsay who are in need of financial assistance; to provide equipment and other items, services and facilities for and therefore advance education at any school situated in either of the parishes of Stamfordham and Belsay.’ 

The trust has been in operation since 1878 and has seen many changes, developments and upheavals since that time; awarding individual and school grants to further the education of local pupils. Previously Stamfordham and Belsay Schools have used the funding for additional staffing, trips and excursions, funding specific whole school projects, transport into areas which are a direct contrast to our rural environment, visiting artists, writers and cultural events: the trust has really broadened access to the pupils’ experiences. Individual grants have helped pupils with transport costs to further education, supporting degree level studies, additional training, research projects abroad and access to school visits. 

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